New Year, New You

It has been an exciting year at Breakthrough Retreats, we have had so many “firsts” to celebrate!

We have had so many enquiries for our “Surviving Christmas” Retreat.  It must be that this is always a stressful time for families as well as people on their own.

We have widened our choice of venue and this has proved a good move and we have some very complimentary responses. But our love for the sea and Cornwall takes us back there time after time, there is no doubt it is a very special environment for mind, body and spirit.

Maureen is currently working on a series of CDs for self-hypnosis – so watch this space.

The whole team has put together a “Zest for Life Program” that can work as a one to one Retreat or in a group situation so if this interests you please register your interest with us and we will send you details when we can launch it. It is all about looking after yourself and having a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget that as well the Retreats we are able to offer telephone counselling, We are currently offering, a telephone counselling package, buy 5 half hour sessions and get an extra one free.

If you have any ideas for short courses you would like to do please let us know and we can probably come up with something! We always like to hear from you so whether you are booking a Retreat or not! Go to “contact us” and keep in touch, speak to you soon!

Autumn Stocks at Breakthrough Retreats

We are looking out on a wonderful display of trees, every colour of autumn and it reminds us of how important it is to be in tune with the seasons and to use each to advantage.  This time of the year is associated with honouring our ancestry and being grateful for resilience and the cycle of life. When our relationships are fraught we can lose sight of the bigger picture and forget to enjoy all the world has on offer.

autumn at Breakthrough Retreats

Autumn is a time for taking stock and making sure you have a full larder for the forthcoming winter months.  You can do this in all sorts of areas of your life by celebrating your achievements and planning for even more.  If you are ready for this but do not know what to do “pick up the phone” and arrange a “plan and prosper” session!

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