What results can I expect to see following my bespoke health retreat?

Although it is impossible to provide statistical evidence of the benefits of a bespoke health retreat given the extremely subjective nature of personal development, the transformative power of a health retreat is astonishing.

Having spent anywhere from 1 day to 7 days with us, every single client we have helped has achieved a breakthrough of one sort or another during their stay, whether this comes in the form of an ‘aha!’ moment or at the end of a gradual process of self evaluation and therapy.

Among the most common results clients enjoy is finally being able to let go of memories, traumas and unhelpful attitudes which prevent them from being able to fulfil their true potential. Whereas people will come to us dealing with depression, low self esteem and self confidence, anxiety, anger or other such issues, we will help them get to the bottom of their problems, confront and conquer the root cause and develop a fresher and more positive approach to life.

“Can I claim treatment on my health insurance?”

As treatments such as psychotherapy and hypnotherapy are increasingly gaining recognition in medical circles, it is now possible to claim for certain treatments on your health insurance – or even via the NHS! Indeed, many of my clients have contacted me following their stay at one of our retreat centres to inform me that their insurance were willing to cover the treatment they received – no doubt thanks in part to the fact that the transformative power of the health retreat meant that the individual would most likely need no further treatment in the future.

By checking with your insurance provider or contacting your local GP, you should be able to find out whether or not this is possible for you.

Find out more…

If you’re dealing with depression, seeking treatment for abuse or simply looking for advice on how to be at one with yourself and would like to learn more about what a health retreat can do for you, visit www.breakthrough-retreats.co.uk. There you’ll be able to claim your free copy of my new guide, “Unlocking your full potential: An introduction to the incredible impact of personal development retreats”, packed with information on everything from what a spiritual retreat looks like to the benefits of getting away from it all.