Discovering Reiki: an underappreciated form of therapy healing

Reiki (meaning ‘wheel’ in Japanese) involves looking at the 7 energy centres, or ‘chakras’, in your body.

If you’ve suffered a trauma or accident – this can be anything from a miscarriage to a shunt in your car – your chakras may well have become misaligned. Once they are out of sync, this can have a distinctly negative impact on the way you feel.

During a Reiki session (which will usually last about an hour), your practitioner will place their hands over your body whilst channelling energy through a higher source in order to realign your chakras so they can work in harmony once more. Don’t worry – you will remain fully clothed throughout!

Often clients will require more healing in one part of their body than in another. For example, if you have particularly low self esteem and self confidence, meaning that you find it difficult to cope with conference calls and speeches, your treatment might focus largely on the throat and neck.

What you experience will be unique to you and may vary from session to session. Some people experience heat coming from my hands, others may experience a tingling sensation, and some nothing more than a deep sense of absolute calm and relaxation. Despite the physical nature of this treatment it is very much a mental therapy too, and can be remarkably effective.

Although this type of treatment can often meet with a certain amount of cynicism from some clients, it can be incredibly effective, especially for those struggling with self esteem and self confidence. For example, I was recently working with a woman who had been diagnosed with a severe blood condition and after only four sessions she returned for a check-up to find that her blood was completely clear!

Suffice to say, the healing power of the mind should never be underestimated.

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