Could This Be The Beginning Of Something Big?

Hello Everybody,

February is here and the first signs of spring are in the air. It feels warmer at least!

Pretty Gate at Bosweddon House, Cape Cornwall, a home to Breakthrough Retreats
Pretty Gate at Bosweddon House, Cape Cornwall, a home to Breakthrough Retreats

Everyone needs clarity in their life and to be able to see things with new eyes.

You may have already been on a Breakthrough Retreat and have turned your life around or you may be thinking that this is a gift that you would like to give to yourself.

For those of you who haven’t visited our website recently and read the testimonials we recommend that you do and read the amazing stories.

This time of the year is all about growth and potential.  Everything has a season.

Everyone has something they want to achieve or have been putting off whether it is finding that new job, redefining your relationships, looking at your core values and belief systems.  You may be asking where your spirituality has gone? Make this your Best Year; Ever!

You can do something about this and we are here to assist you on your journey.

As ever we are always ready to respond to your needs.

We are organising a group event to increase your energy levels and focus on results and we will give this the same careful attention to detail as we do for our one-to-one Retreats. We promise to make it affordable and exciting!

In the meantime, we want you to be thinking that in a day’s time you could have already spoken to Maureen.  In a week’s time you could have booked your place or secured a coaching program to suit your needs, in a month’s time you could have already changed your life and stepped forward into the new, wonderful you or you could stay doing the same as you have done and achieved nothing.

It only takes one step to start a new life!


Can you make the first step?

Maureen x

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