The UK must invest in mental health help

With the publication of the spending review on Wednesday (Report, 24 November), it’s imperative the government invests in psychological therapies. Failure to address mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, devastates lives, puts a huge strain on the government budget and undermines economic productivity. Psychological health problems have a worse impact on people’s happiness and life satisfaction than physical health problems. In financial terms, the cost of mental ill health in England has been estimated to be £105bn per year.

Fortunately, a number of evidence-based psychological therapies exist and are effective. Investment in psychological therapies to date has been a success, but it is a success that could be multiplied. The improving access to psychological therapies programme is only funded to reach “at least 15%” of the people who need it, and retention and recovery rates could be improved. Everyone with a need for psychological therapy should be able to access it within 28 days. We urge more research funding to show which therapies work best for which people. And we advocate training to ensure the NHS workforce can deliver in practice the full range of evidence-based therapies that it offers in theory. We believe this would go a long way towards improving the wellbeing of the nation and the state of the public finances.

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Autumn Stocks at Breakthrough Retreats

We are looking out on a wonderful display of trees, every colour of autumn and it reminds us of how important it is to be in tune with the seasons and to use each to advantage.  This time of the year is associated with honouring our ancestry and being grateful for resilience and the cycle of life. When our relationships are fraught we can lose sight of the bigger picture and forget to enjoy all the world has on offer.

autumn at Breakthrough Retreats

Autumn is a time for taking stock and making sure you have a full larder for the forthcoming winter months.  You can do this in all sorts of areas of your life by celebrating your achievements and planning for even more.  If you are ready for this but do not know what to do “pick up the phone” and arrange a “plan and prosper” session!

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