Seeds of Wisdom

Midwinter is soon upon us, the darkest time of the year. This is a time to push our seeds deep in the ground, to slow down, to rest – and to dream.

Jung said, “Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.”

Maureen says we need to do both now – to awaken the inner temple and to dream a new way of life for our world. If the dream of our world has turned to a nightmare, then we must awaken to break the spell. Only the awakened soul can truly serve what is new and emerging.

We don’t need to buy more things, we need more wisdom. We need healing, guidance, truth.  These will sustain our future more than a new sweater, more than jewellery, more than the latest electronic gizmo.

The chakras are the chambers of the inner temple of wisdom. They awaken the inner divine and change the dream on the outside. They guide us to the future, providing an essential map for the journey. They describe the architecture of the soul.

Give the gift of healing and wisdom. Help someone you love find their way home to their own Sacred Centre once again. The awakened soul is a gift to everyone they touch.

Love & Light,

Maureen Courtney

My Thought for the Day…

Life is full of contradictions, Like the Good photograph, contrast brings out the drama of the experience, Light and Dark, emptiness and form, joy and sorrow, success and failure.

Dance partners in progress on the path— three steps forward, two steps back. Just like the planets, sometimes we need to go retrograde for a while before we can get things done.

In Hindu mythology the Devas (Gods) and the Asuras (Demons) line up on either side of the ocean of Milk and churn it into a froth, out of which comes Amrita, the nectar of immortality.

Carl Jung said that maturity requires the psych’s ability to hold the tension of opposites, insisting that things are all good or all bad – or even worse expecting them to be so— is bound to leave us confused and disillusioned. The polarities of the Second Chakra generate power in the Third Chakra when they are harnessed in balance.

We can think of the 11 of 2011 as the two pillars of polarity that we must integrate to find our power. Like the High Priestess Card shows us in the Tarot, walking between these pillars takes us into the mystery of initiation.

The pillars between Heaven and Earth unite above and below and go right up the Sacred Centre within each of us, balancing, yet embracing polarities. This is the middle way that will steady us on the journey and take us through to the other side. The Chakras are the stepping stones along the core that provide the formula for wholeness.

Maureen Courtney